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Welcome to The Master Nest! This is the ultimate resource for Pokémon Go nests. We offer a list of the top worldwide nests organized by Pokémon species, separated by generation; plus a GPX section where you can get a custom route for the nest you wish to play on. Hop around the pages and start hunting!

Our home and base of operations is the CoolDown Club discord server, which you can access [here]. You can find organized raids, rare Pokémon spawns, mini-games and much more! Plus it is the best place to report any discrepancies you may find in this report, as we manually research and submit each nest each migration.

And keep in mind the following list, these are the only species that nest, any other Pokémon is only obtainable through regular spawns, eggs, research or raids!



Baltoy, Buneary, Cacnea, Corphish, Cottonee, Deerling
Ducklett, Hoothoot, Koffing, Kricketot, Luvdisc, Magikarp
Mankey, Minun, Oddish, Pidgey, Pikipek, Plusle
Poochyena, Purrloin, Seel, Skitty, Slakoth, Snorunt
Stufful, Sudowoodo, Wailmer, Wimpod, Zigzagoon.

North Hemisphere only:

Paras, Pidove, Pineco, Spearow
Spinarak, Swinub, Weedle.

South Hemisphere only:

Bellsprout, Combee, Ledyba, Miltank
Spoink, Starly, Taillow, Tangela.

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This is migration 195. This one was the first in a long time.

Hey everyone! Long time no see, but we're back!

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and all that we missed. Sorry for being MIA for such a long time, as you may know a few months ago it became particularly dangerous to play the game using modified apps, which just happens to be our main tool for nest researching. So since then, we've been trying to come up with a method that works good enough for the long term, so we don't have to make burner accounts every other week just to update the report, let alone for frameshift migrations.

I believe we have something really stable now, proof of that is the quick report of this migration! I'm honestly surprised, we'll see in the coming weeks how well it works for the long term but at least for the short term it sure is working. I am happy to be back working on migration reports.

Also, in the meantime I have been working on refreshing the look of the site. Don't wanna talk too much about it, but I think we'll be ready to launch in the next month or so, if progress keeps up as it has been throughout the past few months. I am excited to show you all what we've been working on.

Oh, and there's another thing. The Discord server is in a bit of a disarray right now. I am still not sure myself what's going on, but I want to let everyone know that I intend to look after the server in any way I can moving forward, I just need to catch up with life so I can give it the attention it deserves. You are all welcome to come join us [here]. Thanks for being part of the club!

Hopefully you find our report useful! We'll see you soon.

Thanks for stopping by; stay healthy and happy hunting!


PS: wtf no gen 6 nests this season?!